A new week and a New Year!

Just like I promised, I am back and ready to play.  I celebrated the welcoming of 2013 in style just like you knew I would.  I look forward to sharing all of the naughty details with you when you give me a call this year.

I love the beginning of a new year.  It promises so much hope and so many possibilities.  We have 12 months left so let’s explore all of them!

1 comment to A new week and a New Year!

  • Jane

    Ahh…I believe your right Princess 2013 promises to be an exciting year with endless possibilities. It is difficult and challenging to try and choose between naughty Mistress Rachel who knows so many of my secrets and knows just how to use them, or the firm hand of Goddess Bryanne kissing me over and over with her cat whip leaving a lasting memory behind, or you Princess, so painfully sweet and talented with your tailor-made fantasies. There will be many nights in 2013 that I will drift off in a wet spot and have sweet dreams :)

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