Another Vacation Reminder

It’s that time of year again, boys. I will be taking a little vacation next weekend. I like to give you as much notice as possible so you can give me enough of your cum to hold yourself and hold me over until I return. I will be gone from September 9th until September 15th.
You really want to know what I’ll be up to during that week, don’t you? Well, darlings, I don’t want to give away too many details. I can tell you that I’m not going alone and it will be just us for miles and miles. That does sound delicious, doesn’t it?
So if you wanna catch me (or spank me, or tie me up, or fuck me, or whatever) you’ve got this weekend and then you’ll have to wait a whole 7 days. That can seem like an eternity when you have a rock hard boner.

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