Autumn’s Sexy Alphabet “K”

K is for Kinky

I started this alphabet list to give you guys a better idea of what gets my pussy wet. Kinky is such a general term and can mean such different things to different people. That being said, I am one kinky bitch. I love anything and everything kinky. Anal sex is kinky to some people and I am totally into having my asshole reamed out by a big hard cock. Age play is kinky and I love playing that out too. Bondage? Yes please. CBT? Oh yeah! Oral sex? You know it! I really do love it all. There is no such thing as too kinky for me. Even if it’s too kinky for you, it isn’t for me. You know those REALLY dark thoughts that you have that only come out when you are so horny? The ones that only pop into your head when you haven’t had an orgasm in a long time and are so worked up you could explode? The ones you wouldn’t even think about telling the person you’re fucking because they would think you were such a pervert? Those are the ones I want to hear. Those ones get me hot. I don’t get to hear about sick, twisted things nearly enough. I enjoy BDSM and vanilla sex, but sometimes I need the taboo stories. Those gets me so turned on and worked up. Sometimes I need to lay back and rub my sweet, little pussy while you tell me something really fucked up. I’ll chime in every now and then with a “and then what?” or “how did it feel”, but mostly I’ll be getting myself off to what a perv you are. I’m not completely selfish. I’ll share some things with you too. I’ve got my fair share of taboo stories that will get your dick hard. You share yours first. Please?

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  • *gs*

    I’ve shared and it’s totally twisted and taboo…mmmmm. I’m extremely excited and anxiously looking forward to you and Rachel making me your cat’s-paw! I’m so horny just thinking, talking and writing about it :)

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