Autumn’s Sexy Alphabet

A is for Age Play: This was actually one of my first kinks. It kind of got the ball rolling for everything else. Once I realized that I liked being Daddy’s little girl I also realized that I’m a giant pervert. I love hearing “good girl” being whispered into my ear while I feel Daddy’s cock get hard under my round ass. I like squirming in his lap, rubbing his hardness against me. Using whatever makes contact with my pussy as friction to get my pussy wetter and wetter. I even love the spankings when I’m being a naughty brat. There’s nothing like the stinging and tingling of a freshly swatted ass. Especially when you’re pulling a pair of white cotton panties over your red ass. I like to do it REALLY slowly so I can feel the thin fabric go over every single welt. This, of course, makes Daddy very happy. So then I have to get on my knees right between Daddy’s lap and show him what a good, good girl I am. I know that he can’t help how hard he gets and I know that it’s naughty for me to want to get him so hard. When he does get perfectly erect I know just what to do. I’m a quick little girl and Daddy is a very good teacher.

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