Cabin Fever

Is there anything hotter than spending a weekend at a cabin with your
hottest girlfriends?

I don’t think there is, but I’ll know for soon. Every year my best
friends and I spend a weekend at a secluded cabin on the beach. We get to
spend all day lounging around in next to nothing and drinking fancy
beverages. As you can imagine there is lots of naughty fun. Especially
when you throw in the private secluded hot tub. This year we are thinking
about making a special trip into town to pick up some local hotties to
spice things up a bit.

I’m sure I will have SOOO many stories to share with you on Monday.
Assuming I even have the energy to make it in. Who am I kidding? I’m
never too tired to finger fuck my pussy while telling you stories that I
know are making your dick hard.

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