Don’t you just love crafting?

The experiments have begun.
I found a **lovely* boy to play with. Plus he has a webcam! This darling pet says I can do whatever I want with him. Our first experiment with homemade sex toys involved him assembling a rubber glove, a towel, and some lube then fucking it with his very excited cock. Can I just tell how you incredibly hot that was! He couldn’t fuck the sleeve to hard or fast or he would blow his load too soon. I guess that’s what happens when you’re thinking about me all day. He finished by shooting his wonderful, sticky load all over. I might have to make some slight adjustments, but overall it was a success. He later asked if I had more ideas. Me? Have ideas? Of course I do. I’m like a perverted Martha Stewart without the felony convictions. I have a dirty little head full of thoughts and ideas. If you’d like to be one of my guinea pigs I have a few “positions” available.

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