Hello October!

There is so much to love about October.  The weather gets awesome, pumpkin spice is everywhere and we are surrounded by all the spooky things I love so much.  I know you can picture me all cozy in my home watching all the horror movies available to me (and maybe getting some ideas).  You know what else happens in October?  It’s YourDesires’ anniversary!  YD turns 23 and it’s time to celebrate.  The official date is the 15th.  I’m planning on coming in and playing that day so I don’t miss all the fun.  What will the fun be?  Well, I’m not sure yet.  There will probably be special rated calls, secret specials, maybe prizes and for sure some of your favorite ladies to play with.   I will try to my best to keep you updated.  You can also follow YD on Twitter @GirlsofYD (that might be where the secret specials will be hiding) for any and all news regarding YourDesires.

Happy October, darlings!  I can’t wait to see what kind of tricks and treats this month provides.


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