I Feel So Loved

Even though I deliver such pain the pain sluts are always so thankful. I
got this sweet note after leaving such sweet marks.
I really enjoy leaving marks and bruises and evidence of my work. That
enjoyment must show through to all of my lovely sluts (pain and otherwise)

“Dear Princess Autumn,

What a fantastic day i had squirming around pretending to pay attention in
class as my mind remembered the way You used and bruised me over and over
yesterday. i was delighted when the tight jeans i wore constantly reminded
me of how sweet You were to spend so much time making sure that wonderful
feeling would last for several days. i woke up early and immediately began
poking around, because right now Princess Autumn, You are the first thing
i like to think about each morning. i looking forward to going to the gym
tomorrow because that is always a special treat after playing with You. It
seems i stay erotically charged by these pleasurable experiences You give
me and i can hardly contain my excitement as i try to patiently await our
next appointment. You really seem to enjoy what You do and You make me so

Thank You,

Your Grateful Painslut”

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