It’s Always Playtime

There are thousands of things I adore about being one of the elite girls of YourDesires. Since changing to my new schedule I’ve discovered two more to add to the list. I work towards the end of the week as most of you have noticed. That also happens to be when I do most of my fucking and playing. This means that it’s pretty common to get here and get settled and start making you men hard while there’s still cum leaking out of my pussy and into my panties (if I haven’t left them somewhere!). How hot is that? Also, it means you all are my foreplay. I get to spend all day finger fucking myself, cumming, and doing all kinds of sexy things before I head out on the town to fuck, cum, and do sexy things. Can you imagine how worked up this little slut is by the time I leave here? I love being such a dirty little bitch.

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