Just another night out

I’ve mentioned that I had plenty of sexy times while I was away. I had a really hot night out with some friends that ended at a fetish bar. It’s a good thing they had some extra canes lying around because one of my girlfriends had never had a proper caning. I got to be a teacher and a Mistress at the same time. It’s amazing how wet she got. It wasn’t all from the raps of the cane. Some of it was from the people watching her with those cute little panties pulled down around her ankles. For being such a good girl I gave her a nice fingering at the end. By nice I mean hard and rough and shoving as many fingers as I could into her cunt. When we woke up the next morning she was walking like John Wayne. It’s pretty great how even people who’ve known me for years can be surprised by what a sadistic bitch I can be. It’s not very often that I get to dominate women. I will always prefer men. The sounds they make while getting beaten just get me so much wetter. I love titty torture, but ball slapping will always be one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. I did some other playing too, but I don’t want to share it all quite yet. I need to save some stories for later. Overall, it was a great little break. Now I’m back with all of my own toys (I even got some new ones!) and ready to play with all of you. I could really go for a welcome back screw. You could even impress me with showing how much a beating you can take. Are you tougher than a girl?

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