Just Another Ordinary Day

What did I get to do today? There was a lot of extreme play and I
absolutely love traveling to those dark places with people. There was
also some vanilla thrown in for some extra spice. Don’t ever forget that
I ALWAYS love fucking with my extreme play.

One of my favorite “victims” just couldn’t get me out of his head and had
to do a session with me today. I know all of his dirty little secrets and
so many fun facts about him that he can never stay away for too long. He
knows that if he does I might have to make a couple of calls that could
ruin his whole life. For me, blackmail isn’t just about the money. It’s
the power and control that make me all wet and tingly.

I spent a little bit of time today turning my ashtray/pain slut into a pin
cushion. It was so thrilling to watch the needles being forced into it’s
mangled nuts. I know it will do whatever I please with only my limits to
guide it.

Speaking of guiding, I walked someone through exactly how to touch their
cock. They had the pleasure of listening to me describe exactly how to
jerk off to ensure they put on a good show for me.

This is just a sample of the fun, hot calls I got to do today. I also got
to be Daddy’s little girl (a personal favorite of mine), I got to dress up
a cock sucking crossdresser, and so many other fun things. My life sure
is hard. ;)

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