Looks Like I’m Adding To My Collection

I always love adding a new set of keys to my always growing collection.  This little pet is so lucky that I’ve allowed him back at my feet.  I can only imagine how much he’s missed me.  Read this sweet email and you can practically hear the fear and devotion in his voice.
“Princess Autumn,
Thank You so much for permitting me back under Your perfect hand for training.  i shall do exactly as You require of me sending the keys priority mail right away so W/we can begin to lay the ground rules per Your instruction.
Your pet was so not expecting this Autumn…the one thing i feared most was enduring the intensity of sustained long-term chastity and yet You force me to remain locked down turning over the keys to my device.  You know i am under Your spell and too weak to do anything less than obey!
So i shall…i shall do as You require of Your pet for my life is no longer my own.  i live now to please You and serve You and You alone and i am only permitted release when You say.
Your pet is so entranced with the sound of Your voice in his ear…so perfectly calm, smooth, alluring and hypnotizing…so steady and controlling.  All is lost, given up, surrendered, handed over when under it.  i shall faithfully and obediently do as You require of me now my beloved Autumn.
Thank You,
Your lowly humbled chaste pet”

1 comment to Looks Like I’m Adding To My Collection

  • Yes Princess Autumn, it does appear You are indeed adding to Your collection…keys hopefully arrive priority mail this week. Every fiber of my being hates that You are forcing Your pet to wait until You have the keys in Your possession before he is permitted back into the edge of Your perfect shadow…aching horribly for Your voice now more than ever especially knowing there is no way out. It’s the biggest mindfuck EVER! Your grip tightens on Your pet every waking second. i lay naked, collared, and caged at Your perfect feet worshiping Your perfection from afar aching for You, Your guidance, Your sweet voice, Your control, Your perfect hand to move upon me…so very broken and low already. Your chaste pet

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