Ocean Adventure Part 2

Part Two…
While I was out I managed to calm down a little. I wasn’t completely enraged anymore. I stopped and got some food for myself. I was even nice enough to get something to-go for the Minute Man I left back in the cabin. When I got there my dear friend was just napping away like nothing had happened. Part of me could completely understand why he was sleeping. Who doesn’t get tired after a nice, hard cum? Then the larger part of me was thinking that he should have been awake. He should have been awaiting my return and thinking about what he had done. Seeing him there, dozing like a little baby brought the rage back. A sexually frustrated Autumn is a bitchy Autumn. I firmly walked over to him. I nudged him with my foot. Neither of these things woke up my dear friend. So I slapped him HARD! Right across the face. That woke up him up damn quickly. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”, I asked. He mumbled some reply that didn’t make sense and probably wouldn’t have been what I wanted to hear anyways. He glanced over ata the food and then back at me. “I’m really hungry. Can we talk about this after I eat?”. “Oh, you’re hungry, baby?”, I mockingly asked him. “Then maybe I should feed you, little one”. The look on his face was priceless. He was more than a little confused. I opened the container of fries, took out a couple and put them into my own mouth. I chewed a couple of times while looking him right in the eye. Pushing my fingers into the sides of his face I forced his mouth open. Then lowering my face inches above his I let the chewed up french fries drop into his mouth. After my mouth was empty, I put my hand over his mouth and pinched his nose. Damn right I was going to make him swallow it. I checked his mouth and it was clear. That’s when I noticed something else. For some reason he was starting to get an erection. I kneeled down next to him and wrapped my hand around his cock. “Do you like it when I feed you like a little baby birdie?”. He was getting more and more excited. “Maybe my pet needs something creamy for dessert”. Keeping one hand around his cock I untied him and pushed him onto the floor on his back. I pulled my soaking wet panties off. “We’re going to save these for later, but right now you are going to redeem yourself. Be a good boy and suck all of that cum right out of my cunt. You didn’t deserve to cum inside me so that means you’re cleaning it up. If you make me cum, then I might let you fuck me again before this weekend is up” To make sure he did it right, I climbed right onto his face. I moved my knees tight against either side of his face to hold his head still then pushed down down. I had to make sure all of his jizz that was way up inside me was going to go right down his throat. He tried to fight a little at first, but soon gave up. Judging by what happened the rest of the weekend I think he liked drinking his own sperm.

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