Ocean Vacation

There are these amazing “fantasy” cabins by the ocean that I absolutely adore. The decor is completely tacky, but that’s part of the fun. There are a couple of different styles, but my favorite is the jungle theme. The walls are covered in pictures of monkeys hanging from trees and big cats lounging around. The bed is covered in giant neon stuffed snakes. The icing on the cupcake is the 8 foot cage smack dab in the middle of the room. I don’t make it out to the cabins as often as I’d like. It’s a long drive and most people don’t find the humor. Lucky for me I was in the mood for a jungle adventure around the same time as a visit from a special friend. We don’t see each other as often as I’d like, but we make up for by spending a few days together locked in a room. When I picked up him up at the airport he already had a hard on that was completely obvious. I was hoping he had been that aroused the whole flight. Or even the days leading up to his special visit. The sight of his raging boner in the front of his pants made me all flushed and giddy. I was instantly wet. Soaking wet. The drive from the airport to the cabin took forever, but I finally got us there. Patience is not one of my strong suits so I instantly told my friend to strip down to his boxers and get his hot ass in the cage. The room comes equipped with handcuffs, but I also bring my own toys. What fun is a weekend getaway with no dildos, vibrators, and other goodies. My sweet boy hopped in the box with no questions asked and waited patiently while I unpacked my bag of tricks. His eyes got wider and his cock got harder with each toy I pulled out. I had him sit on the floor of the cage. Then I crawled into his lap. Straddling him. I pressed my body as close as I could to his. So close I could feel his heart pounding against my chest. The more desperate he got the more turned on I got. I slowly moved my lips towards his. When my soft lips finally touched his I moved my hands up his (shaking by this point) arms. Before he could even register what was happening and as soon as I moved my tongue into his mouth he heard the tiny click of the cuffs. He was handcuffed to one of the bars. I left him with enough room to sit and stand but that was all. He wasn’t going to be going too far. And that’s just where I wanted him. Still sitting his lap I started kissing him harder and more urgently. My hands started exploring his body and slid up his torso to his rock hard nipples. I remembered that they were very sensitive so I started playing with them. Gently at first. He let out soft little moans that just me tingle inside. I kept pinching harder and harder until his moans turned into something a little more aching. Every time I pinched and pulled I could feel his cock twitch underneath me. That was the final straw. I needed to be fucked badly. I stood up. Letting him watch me, I pulled my tank top up over my head. For the first time inages he saw my bare tits. My pink nipples were standing straight out. Pointing right at him. I slowly unzipped my jeans and wiggled out of them. I tossed them outside the cage. His mouth was practically watering as i slid my panties down my legs. There was a wet spot forming ont he front of his boxer. What I loved most was the squirming. The almost pathetic little moans were also very arousing. Foreplay has a time and a place. This was neither. Sucking his cock and feeling his fingers exploring my ass and cunt would be saved for later. I needed his cock in my dripping pussy right that second. His member was thick and engorged. It was so swollen and his peehole was so open I swear I could put my pinky finger in it. I walked towards him and stood with one foot on either side of his outstretched legs. Using my hands on his shoulder for balance I began to lower myself down onto his dick. I went slowly. I’m not sure if I was teasing him or myself, but it was almost painful. His penis felt so amazing stretching out my tight cunt. When he was finally balls deep inside me I let out a very contented sigh. It felt wonderful. Apparently it felt even better for him. I moved up and down four or five times to get a nice rhythm going. Then I started really pumping. Maybe he asked me to slow down but I didn’t hear him. I hadn’t even gotten 20 strokes in when i felt him shooting his load inside me. It was quite the sizeable load, but I was really hoping he’d be able to stay hard. I naively thought this until I slid up his cock and his semi-limp penis plopped out of me. I sadly climbed off of him. When he started babbling an apology I shot him a look that would have sent him straight to flaccid if the fucker hadn’t been in that state already. I couldn’t even stand to be around him. I put my clothes back on and left. That’s right. I left him there. It’s beautiful there and I decided to do a little sight seeing. As I was driving I could feel his cum dripping out of me into my panties. It sent little jolts all through my body. At least I got some pleasure out of his premature ejaculation. I also got some sick enjoyment out of the fact that he was left handcuffed in the cabin. I promise there is more to this story. You can either check back frequently for part deuce or give me a ring to hear how I got my revenge.

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