Oh, how I love Mondays!

I know most people don’t enjoy Mondays as much as much as I do.  For the majority of people Monday is the first day of the work week and you have 5 whole days of the “daily grind”.

Maybe that’s why I enjoy them so much.  I get to give each one of you a tiny little vacation to make your Monday just the teensy bit better.  I get to make you feel so good that it can carry you through the week.  Who really wants to start the week off tense and frustrated?  I can very easily help with that (I am easy, after all).  Let Sweet Slutty Autumn help you relax (building you up a little bit first).  Let me give you some memories that will keep you going through this stressful week.


It doesn’t hurt that I also get the next two days off to get plenty of fucking of my own.  If I don’t play with you today then I’ll be back and raring to go on Thursday!

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