Red Hot Heat

This summer is shaping up to be a hot one and I’m not just talking about
the weather. I spend most of my day at a desk job, but at night I get to
play! It’s been warm enough that I can change into my most revealing
outfit and hang out on the patio of my favorite bars. I usually go alone,
but I rarely leave alone. After a couple of happy hour beverages I’m
feeling nice and loose. That’s when it’s time to find my prey. I check
out all the packages coming to see which one looks the yummiest (this is
why all men should wear skinny jeans or gym shorts). Luckily I’ve had
lots of practice teasing and talking dirty so it doesn’t take long to get
him where I want him. Usually it’s the alley or a car, I don’t even care
if the sun is still out. That just makes it naughtier for me. I just
love being a summer slut.
What’s your favorite summer activity?

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