Remember When I Left To Finish School?

*This was written in 2015, so don’t get too worried.  I’m back now with no intention of going anywhere 9/14/19)



As you know I am currently in school to finish my degree. Next quarter
promises to be a very difficult one for me since the classes will be more
intense and I will also be starting an internship as well. Because of
this, I will be taking some time away from YourDesires. My time here and
playing with you has been incredibly special which makes this decision
much more difficult for me. I know that my dear friends here will take
fantastic care of you. If you need any advice on which ladies might be a
good fit for you you can ask Melanie at She
has taken great care to get to know each of us and our strengths. I trust
her to guide you in the right direction.
Sometimes opportunities come up that are too great to ignore and now is
one of those times for me. Wish me luck on this adventure.

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