Sun’s Out Bum’s Out

The weather here is getting so nice. That means it’s back to exercising outside instead of being stuck in a gym. Yes, I do go outside during the day. I’m not just a night flirt, I like the daytime attention too. Yesterday was my first day back on the lake. I put on my little walking shorts an a tight tshirt and hit the road. I love the looks on people’s faces when the sun comes out. People are dressed a little skimpier so it’s almost as if people haven’t seen skin before. The slightest hint of cleavage or a skirt that’s just a little too short gets men’s (and sometimes women’s) tongues wagging. It’s the best! Even in a sports bra my big tits bounce when I walk so you can imagine what they look like when I jog. From front to back I looked fantastic and I got the stares from people to prove it. I even caught one extra pervy guy taking pictures of my ass on his camera when he thought I wasn’t looking. Silly boy. Doesn’t he know that I notice everything???

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