Vanilla Is Sweet Too

As much as I love rough, raunchy, perverted dirty sex acts I feel like regular “vanilla” sex can be overlooked. Especially when I’m talking about my fantasies. When I talk about my fantasies I tend to go big and dramatic. Don’t get me wrong, I do love being a nasty little slut and I love having my phone sex slave (slaves is more appropriate.) But, another thing that I do love is what is considered “vanilla” sex. I’m not talking about boring quickies right before bed with the lights off. I’m talking about you between my thighs licking my pussy until I’m soaking wet and writhing on the mattress. I’m talking about taking a comfortable position so I can suck your dick like a pro. Really taking my time to make you throbbing. I’m talking about you getting between my legs spreading them open and teasing me with the head of your dick before plunging your hardness inside my tight cunt. Maybe even laying directly on top of me with wrapping my legs around you pulling you into my pussy even deeper. You’re holding me so close you can feel my tits bounce against your strong chest. I will always cum when being fucked like this. The best is when we cum together. My pussy squeezing your cock even tighter than before and milking all of your jizz right out of you. I feel so good that even though your cock is super sensitive you can’t seem to pull it out of me. I say just leave it there and you can fall asleep on top of me. When you wake up you can just start fucking me again. Of the many, many types of calls I enjoy this is just one. One on one phone sex is always fun if I’m involved. Hope to play with you soon!

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