Panties, Panties Everywhere

Of course I *love* sexy panties. I enjoy all kinds really. Lace, satin, boyshorts, bikini, hipsters and pretty much everything in between. Well not thongs. I’ve never really gotten into those. That, however, is not my point. My point is, lately I’ve become really fascinated with white cotton panties. I only have one pair and I don’t wear them as often as I should. I found them at the bottom of my delicate’s drawer the other night and decided I should put them on. They felt SOOOO fantastic. Comfy and sexy and innocent all at the same time. They reminded me of when I was much much younger and used to lay in my bed at night and silently rub my pussy to orgasm getting them all wet and sticky. I’d wake up and they’d still be all warm so of course, I’d get myself off again. I had to be quiet since there were other people trying to sleep in the rooms next to me. Now that I’m older I like to do other naughty things with my unmentionables. Since I’ve rediscovered my love of soft, white, cotton panties I might have to do a little research on what they can do with and to a big hard dick.

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