Wet panties?

Pay close attention, boys. You’re about to hear some juicy details about me. Some of them you might already know since I readily share my masturbation habits to just about anyone who will listen. Consider this a refresher course. For those of you who don’t know, you are about to find out. I have a particular way that I like to play with my pussy. I have toys which I do use. Some of them vibrate and some of them don’t. My favorite toy is and always has been my hands. My fingers always know just the right places to touch and with just the right amount of pressure. With my fingers I get to feel how wet I’m getting. I get to feel how warm I’m getting. I get to feel how tight my little pussy hole is and the way it clenches when I’m having that much needed orgasm. Not only do I use my fingers, but I also like to keep my panties on. I don’t slip them down around my knees. I don’t pull them to the side. I keep them just where they are and slide my hand right down the front. It always feels so much naughtier and more secret. It’s like at any second someone could walk in and see me laying there on the bed. I’d have to make the choice to either pull my hand out quick and pretend I wasn’t doing anything but staring at the ceiling or I’d let my guest watch my hand wiggle inside the fabric. Even if I did try to hide what I was doing the wet spot in the crotch would be the dead giveaway. When I’m playing with myself the panties catch all of my delicious cunt juice. Absorbing the flavor and the scent of me. Holding it right there for you to enjoy. Can you imagine how soaking wet they get? How yummy they smell? How could you not want a freshly worn pair for your collection?

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