A Hypnotizing February has Passed…

you have been under My spell for some time now.  To you, February is just another month like the one before it.  Time, days, hours, minutes, its all a blur to you now.  you cant remember the first time you heard the sound of my voice, guiding you deeper into submission, but you can hear my last instructions as if they just happened.  your heart quickens as you recall the counting, the squeezing, the paces I have put you through.  Its almost automatic to you now.  My voice resonates in your mind constantly, persistantly, urgingly.  you know you will submit one more time to Me.  you know you need Me to guide you, train you, mold you.  Come here pet and lets make March memorable.

4 comments to A Hypnotizing February has Passed…

  • gt

    Quiet Anticipation

    Oh how I love to watch the setting of the sun
    And the way the sky blushes at its gentle touch
    Each moment is filled with quiet anticipation
    As the memories are somehow never enough

  • gt

    Your Voice

    I patiently waited as if I was anticipating the blossoming of a rose
    And with the departure of each hour I struggled to hold on to hope
    My eyes grew weary as I lost sight of why I often remain steadfast
    Oh just to hear your voice, your soft giggles and even your laugh
    That alone would be enough to always keep me coming back

  • gt

    Wistful Memories

    Somewhere far beyond the imaginary trail of plucked petals
    Lays the last dying rose that separates allegory from reality
    And as with every story, every fairytale that has been told
    There comes a time when the end must somehow be borne
    Perhaps the faintest fragrance still lingers in this final poem
    But be as it may, when the flower that stood becomes dust
    The sweet aroma that once was will enhance wistful memories

  • YourDesiresslut

    OOooo Sounds like fun, Mistress!!

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