What Limits?

You know how much I love pushing limits, right? There’s a certain sound a man makes when I can tell he’s starting to get uncomfortable. I can ALWAYS hear it and it makes me so wet. The other day I got to hear it from a man who doesn’t make that sound very often. Usually he’s home and comfortable. However, the other night he called me from a hotel room. I don’t remember exactly his room’s position, but I do know that people could easily see in. Of course I made him pee in a cup and drink some it. Then I made him jerk off and edge for a while. After that I had the brilliant idea to not only make him open his blinds BUT jerk off in front of the window AND cum in that pee filled glass AND THEN pour that cum and piss all over the window and lick it clean! I hope the other guests got a good show! I know I did! Sometimes I really do amaze myself. I’m such a sick bitch.
What are you willing to do for me?

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