Ive decided….

all My pets need to be wearing one of these!!!!!!!Try1

2 comments to Ive decided….

  • yourdesiresslut

    i agree Mistress! i have 2 collars and each one made me feel owned as soon as i put it on. That and that devilish Uniform You designed for me. Put them on and i truly was stuck in Your world… awaiting Your commands… for Your use…. ready as a slut to f$ked and f$ked with. **whine** orbi

  • Master Jordan please know our slaveling pet will do as required of him … locking himself up sending You BOTH keys so that things don’t get out of control. i shall remain EVER at Your mercy. You so encircled me and took me down so very low before You in such short order … kneeling naked and exposed with head bowed, collared, and chaste at Your perfect feet.

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