Sometimes I push the limit

The only reason I push the limit…..Well that’s because I know you can handle it. I know deep inside that weak mind of yours you want more. You want to see how far things could go. A simple ohhh ahhh just does not work for you. Your the type that wants me to order you to your knees blindfolded and your begging me not to tell, your begging me not to fuck you in the ass so hard, your begging me to piss all over you. Maybe your wanting me to submit to you and suck your cock, you want to GAG Casey and call her a little slut. My body is so small and so tight you could really toss me across the room, pull me by my hair and take what you want. ……But you won’t and you know why??? Because I am the Goddess that calls the shots. I fucking own your thoughts, your desires, and I fulfill what she would never consider doing or saying. Role play, multiple orgasms….Casey will Mind fuck you so slow and so deep you’ll beg me to do it again. And when I’m done with you my alter ego will Sneak Attack Your Ball Sack and drain you of all insecurities, doubts, hesitations, and disagreements. Your new name is Yes man, because all you will be able to say is yes, you’ll love it……..



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