Sub Attack

I sit here lost in a puddle of his cum, absent in my thoughts thinking about the next time my dom will attack me. I await his demands, his instructions and i’m under his control. He has left me completely dependent on him. Longing for him. Wanting to do as he says when he says. He told me i was his slut, and yes i’m such a dirty little slut i can’t wait to perform for him and all of his friends. He says that if i love him i will do what he says when he says. He ties me up, he pulls my hair, and he has this studded flogger that he beats me with. Nipple clamps stop all circulation, i think my nipples are going to fall off. He loves my dark hair, tight pussy, and perky tits. I keep myself in shape just for him. But now i want something more, something hotter, i don’t want to be left alone,  I want to be used and abused by you. Fill me up with your cum and then send your friend to do the same




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