Christie’s hump day!

I will not be here tomorrow, unfortunately.  So if you think you’re going to miss me tomorrow, make sure you give me a call today (8am to 5pm) so you can hear my sweet voice before I go on my own hump day adventures.  If you’d like to hear all about what I did, then you can give me a call on Thursday (2:30pm to 9pm).


3 comments to Christie’s hump day!

  • Disobedient one learned his lesson today under Goddess Christie’s perfect hand and wrath w/punishing spankings! Forced down low, low, low into corner to worship Her perfection until She says otherwise.

  • Be forewarnded! Believe Goddess Christie when She states the following in Her bio: “Over the time I’ve spent working at Your Desires, I’ve gained a lot of experience and I’ve definitely gotten in touch with my Dominant side. Do you need a ruthless, yet nurturing Goddess to instruct you to tease your cock until you’re so close to the edge you can’t stand it? Obey and I might let you come. Maybe a severe beating for your disobedience is in store. Oh, you want me to humiliate your inadequacies? I can do that.”

    You are MASTERFUL Goddess Christie!

  • Goddess Christie, Your bound one so hates to have failed You yet again. i tried so hard to make things right w/my chastity and contract but simply cannot find it within me to even make it out a mere month yet alone the year as contracted along with the month the chastity was extended as punishment. i do hope You will find it in Your heart to forgive slut for his short-comings and for having failed You yet again.

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