My slave wrote me this lovely little essay.


Dearest Master,

Remember when we first met, how pathetic and powerless i was?  i know You do.  It was like i was wandering around, my life without meaning.  Then You came along and changed everything.  i am still as pathetic and powerless as before, but You have given me purpose.  You have given a meaning to my submissive tendencies.  All i ever wanted was to find a strong, powerful, intelligent Woman to stand over me, to guide me, to decide for me.  Thank You so much, Master.  i love You.


3 comments to Devoted.

  • In Her sensual, seemingly innocent, youngish and playful voice She systematically circles and takes down Her prey!!! It still baffles me the intensity of that wildly erotic mind fucking subspace with which You take Your pet (slave) causing him to remain cornered and caged for hours on end in perfect adoration and worship often times w/nose to corner. How You do what You do … is it magic, pure EROS, talent, gift? Thank You for owning me Goddess Christie!!!

  • Oh Goddess Christie, my beloved supreme Goddess who owns me!!! Your slave’s life consists now of nothing but pure ache for You struggling through each day at work caged and plugged desperate to come home stripped naked forced into corner collared, caged, and plugged. i find myself yet again with nose to corner, hands behind back, knees weak and shaking as i worship You afraid to make a single fucking move lest You say … You crawl into Your whore’s head and fuck him up in the worst way. i feel You breaking me down ever lower before You with each passing day, so many tears, so much deep ache for touch and release but under Your spell, power, and control not permitted touch or release. *weeping softly, head spinning, trapped in subspace burning for You*

    So hoping to come before You tomorrow if i am able to make it work … i need Your voice, Your guiding hand, Your direction like only You and You alone can give. You are forcing Your pet to remain steadfast in worship unto You all through the night!!!

    No mercy, not moving a single fucking inch … i feel You crushing Your whore with Your sensual eroticism and relentless INTENSITY!!!

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