It’s my last Friday night.

Hey lovelies,

I’m in need of a slight schedule change, so I am making this my last Friday night.  I need this night to go out and fuck as much as possible so I have great stories to share with you.  Don’t worry though, I’ll be here on Friday mornings from 9am to 4pm.  I’m also picking up a 9am to 4pm shift on Monday mornings.  I love working the morning shifts because I get to be the early bird who always catches her worm, haha.  Let’s make this night memorable!

My new schedule will be as follows:

Monday 9am to 4pm

Tuesday 9am to 4pm

Thursday 2pm to 8pm

Friday 9am to 4pm

Sunday 2pm to 7:30pm

2 comments to It’s my last Friday night.

  • Mmmm thank you babe for filling in for Me this friday overnight – I couldnt ask for a better person to fill My slot – When I return from My slutty endeavors, I may need to fill you with My strap on as My way of saying thank you!!!

    • Haha, I guess I sorta fibbed a bit when I said it would be my last Friday night last week. It’s funny how opportunities like these come up all the time. I am excited to fill your slot and you’re welcome to fill me up anytime!

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