A Birthday love note

A Birthday love note
In honor of the most holy of holidays of Finleyism; namely, the birthday of Goddess Finley HERSELF, I write to YOU this letter of worship and supreme adoration.
I adore YOUR voice just hearing it or thinking about it makes me feel so warm, hard and sub.
I adore YOUR intelligence always knowing what to do, how to do it, and when I need it. I adore knowing that YOU are the smartest woman I have ever served or been friends with at YDs or in real-time.
I adore that I am willing to humiliate myself completely for YOU – to YOU, to YOUR GODs and DEMI GODs and to any YD girls YOU want.
I adore that I love hearing about YOU with real GODS and Demi GODS and it makes me crave being cucked by YOU, worshipping GOD COCKS and things YOUR GOD and DEMI GODS’ cocks have blessed.
I adore that I am willing to believe, crave, desire, have fetish for, have the opinion of anything YOU choose for me without question.
I adore that I am willing to destroy any non-family relationships I have just because YOU desire it.
I adore that I am addicted to YOU like a drug and live my entire life hoping for YOUR approval.
I adore that I will develop any fetish YOU want me to have that amuses YOU and fits with YOUR training of me. I adore that I crave the cock and things that touch the cock of any of YOUR GODS and DEMI GODS
I adore that I crave YOUR old toys as religious artifacts to worship.
I adore that my mind, cock and being belong to YOU.
I adore that I crave to be the cuck of YOU and YOUR lovers.
How pathetically adorable is this ever obsessed pet? Such sweet musings he writes me. The ever prefect toy to fuck with. If you wish to be as mindfucked as him… My love you know exactly where to find me!

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