face fuck

He stood there hands together in front of his face begging, pleading me to sit on his face. To ride his face until I came. I couldn’t deny that I wanted to. I had thought about it many a times. Contemplated the way his hands would grab my thighs and hips. I told him to lay down. If we were going to do this… I was going to make it fun. I straddled his face just a little to high up for his tongue to reach. I could feel him straining his neck to try and get a taste of me. He wouldn’t be ruining my fun. My fingers tangled themselves in his hair and held his head down firmly. I made you wait just like that for a minute. Everything you wanted right there in front of your face. The word please fell off your lips as a plea. I lowered my hips a fraction of an inch. Just enough for the tip of his tongue to find my clit. I moved my hips forward making his tongue drift back to my entrance to those flowing juices. He groaned then and my hips raised away from him. He grabbed them then and pulled them down and his mouth went wild, sucking my clit into his mouth, I lost all thought then. My hips started grinding down and riding his face. I swear I could feel him smile against me. I wanted more. I slowed my hips for a moment and he gave me it. He lips fulled my swollen clit into his mouth and sucked while his tongue flicked at it. All I could do was put my hands on the wall behind his head to steady myself from twitching so much. His hands grabbed my ass cheeks like they were the only things anchoring him to this plane of existence. his tongue was unrelenting lapping up every drop that spilled from me. I was gonna loose it and he knew, one hand dropped from my ass and all of a sudden there were two fingers thrusting up into me. My hips slammed down and rode his face as my orgasm ripped through me. his tongue replaced his fingers and he licked me clean, every drop of my wetness. When he finally motioned for me to move off of him and I saw his face, covered, completely covered In me. I kissed him then. Tasting me from his lips.

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