Not so Innocent

Her face ever inviting, and sweet, was falsely alluring,
Gave no alarms to the tempest that prowled under that Innocent facade.
That soft smile hid her desires well.
Not one man who made it too her bed expected the mask to drop.
They all kissed her gently hands soft like they might bruise her.
All of then were sure taken by surprise when she first pounced.
Usually with teeth ready to sink into the soft flesh of their necks.
None of them thought that something wild might live under her supple skin.
Something that might delight in the way a man looks bound to a bed, The
way a flogger welts the skin, The look in someones eyes when they were
truly pushed to their limits.
By then end of the night they all begged.
either for more,
release, or,
for the innocent sweet smiled girl to return.

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