a good old fashion Thunder Fuck

There we were on a hike in the national park, when it started thundering and lightening out of know where. We found a little cave and ducked inside, we planned waiting for 30 mins after the last lightening strike before heading back down the trail.
That may of been the plan but 2 and a half hours later it was still storming hard. The moisture in the air absorbing in to our clothes. I felt cold in my bones. I started to curl up next to my partner, my ice cold hand finding its way under his layers to the warm skin underneath. We both hissed for opposite reasons. he was so warm. The closer I got to the waist band of his pants the warmer he was. I had effectively climbed on to your lap but it wasn’t enough. One look at the entrance at the entrance of the cave told me we were going no where and fast. That is when I looked at you and gave my pro survival tip. The most efficient way of keeping each other warm would be to strip down and pull our emergency blankets out and make the best of it until the storm passed. you agreed and we both quickly stripped and pulled out said blankets. you pulled me to your chest and again I hissed at the contact from how hot you were. I wiggled against you trying to press every cold part of me against you. I guess it made you excited because I felt your hard cock pressed against my stomach. my wiggling became more intentional. when you realized what I was doing you kissed me then and pulled me closer. your finger found my clit and started to tease me. I was already soaked.
You pulled me up by my hips and lined the head of our cock up with my tight little cunt. I slammed down hard as thunder clapped loudly behind us. Fuck. Even your prick was warm as hell. I groaned and started to ride in you rhythm with the thunder and lightening. Your warm hands pawing all over my skin was driving me mad. But it was when your wrapped your warm mouth around my nipple that I fucking lost my self all over your cock, you were talking dirty to me telling me to give you it, to cum for you. Then you followed me and I could feel it. The powerful spray of your cum right up against my cervix. I slowed my hips and collapsed down onto your chest. You held me there like that, hands running up and down my back until the storm past, and at that point you could say I had defiantly warmed up.

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