I was dreaming, sleeping like the dead. In a far off world of my own creation on the beach naked letting the waves lap at my legs. Although I wasn’t moving any deeper into my dreamscape sea, the waves seam to be lapping closer and closer to the meeting of my thighs. I could feel myself being pulled awake.
I awoke with a gasp. my clit was being ravaged, and I didn’t need to be told whom by. My body twitched uncontrollably. I weaved my hand through his hair under the blanket and first pushed him in harder and ground against his tongue. Fuck it felt so good. I pulled him up to my face by his hair.
“Just what do you think your doing?” I said in a sassy playful tone.
“Well, before you so rudely interrupted me, I was eating breakfast.” he replied and a crooked smirk overtook his features. He winked. “Haven’t you heard its the most important meal of the day?” I rolled my eyes, and let out a chuckle.
“Oh well don’t let me ruin your meal babe.” I sassed back before pecking your lips and tasting myself there. I groaned, and in a flash he was back under the covers. Ravaging my clit. First slowly with just the tip of his tongue, flicking back in an inconsistent beat that made me beg. Then came the long broad strokes with a flat tongue as he let a finger dive into my depths. My back arched then and my fingers found his hair. I pressed his face more firmly into my cunt. I was so fucking close. He knew it. Knew that I was teetering on the edge. He stopped moving, his finger stilled inside me. All I could feel against my clit was his breath. I whimpered and tried to push and pull him closer by his hair.
He wouldn’t budge. Fuck. I begged, pleaded, and he just waited silently before sucking my clit into his mouth, and shoved in a second finger in. I came then gushing screaming and clawing up his shoulders. Body convulsing and twitching wildly, and yet my clit remained in his mouth until I rode out the last waves of my orgasm.
Lets just say, I’d be his breakfast every morning if he wanted.

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