Musings of a mind fucked pet

Musings of a mind fucked pet
*Note – This was inspired by another story I read years ago called Bred by
My Secretary.*
I had asked HR to hire a new assistant for me. I was amazed when I saw Finley’s resume. She was the most qualified candidate that I had ever seen. In fact, with a couple years of experience, she would have been much better suited to apply for my job. I needed someone right and way and someone that was good; so, I had her hired without even needing an in person interview.
Finley arrived on her first day of work dressed to the nines. It was raining outside so she had an expensive shiny Mackintosh and matching rain boots on, as she entered the office. She seemed to keenly noticed how excited I was by the shiny nature of the material of both her coat and boots, because she slowly took it off and hung it up right in my line of view. When she removed it, I could see that she was extremely beautiful and athletic, I imagined that she had been a gymnast at one point. Her body was rock hard from ass to legs and arms, which I could see under her beautiful designer short circle skirt.. Her silk blouse highlighted the pert perfection of her tits and her eyes were hypnotic, her lips luscious and her hair lustrously beautiful. She was an absolute goddess.
She came into my office and dropped her pen, she purposely bent over with her ass presenting in my direction; so that I could see that in lieu of panties or a thong, she was wearing shiny spandex shorts. Again, a rush of excitement flashed through my body from my head right down to my once again hard cock. As we started discussing her role, she asked me questions about what I was working on. For some reason, I felt compelled to tell her and show her everything. She even boldly made some suggestions on how we could improve what I had prepared for presentation to my clients. While my upper head told me I should be saying no, my lower head said, “What a great idea, Finley.”
It had been a month since Finley started, every day when she arrived I got instantly hard. I was finding it harder and harder to come up with ideas on my own. Finley always had better ideas than mine. I found myself volunteering to do things that the assistant would normally do, while she made improvements to my work. Finally, one day I completely forgot to show up to a meeting that I had with my bosses to review my presentation. I was out getting coffee for the office, that’s what bosses do, right? Fortunately, Finley went and presented for me, in fact, she wowed them all. When she returned from the meeting, she went into the bathroom and changed into a very shiny dress and boots. She entered my office and began chastising me for failing to show up. She told me it was unacceptable and had me get down on my knees to apologize to her. I told her I would do anything to make it up to her.
It’s been two months since Goddess Finley started working for me. Well, actually now I work for her, as her assistant and submissive. She was kind enough to keep me on at a 50 percent cut in pay well 25 percent goes back to the company and the other 25 percent goes to her for her being willing to train me. I have relinquished all but the “servant’s quarters” of my house to her, as well as my car. I can ride in with her or take the bus anyway. She lets me clean and worship all her shiny clothes and boots and cuckolds me when she invites real men to come over and fuck her on what used to be my bed. It is the best hiring decision I ever made.

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