Musings of a mind fucked pet

Musings of a mind fucked pet
I’ll never forget the day that my new roommate, Lucy, said that she had never met anyone more domme than her and that she was certain she never would. Unfortunately for Lucy, I happened to have my dominant friend Goddess Finley on the phone at the time and she heard it all. Goddess Finley was truly the most beautiful, powerful and dominant woman that I had met in my entire life.
We had started as roommates but it was less than a month before I was Goddess Finley’s submissive. She was the most beautiful woman that I had ever laid eyes on – her firm athlete’s body with amazing 34C pert tits and the most kissable ass ever. Her eyes intoxicated me and drew me in, when I was with her I needed to anything I could to please her. I needed to become who she wanted and wat she wanted. I excelled at work. I worked out two hours a day. I improved by diet. I did anything and everything to be more like she wanted. I stopped dating, I became a j/o addict but only to what my Goddess told me I was obsessed with. She always knew what was best for me. In fact, when there were three candidates to replace her as my roommate while she was spending a semester abroad, she picked Lucy to be my roommate. Of course, Lucy knew none of it. She knew Finley was my ex-roommate and was returning and she had seen some mind control sites in my browser history and had told me she was domme but that was it.
I remember the first day Goddess Finley came over when she returned from being overseas. Lucy told me she was going to show me how domme she was and Finley was going to be her subject. By the end of that night, Goddess Finley was sleeping in Lucy’s bed, and Lucy was sleeping on the couch. Within a week, Lucy agreed to pay rent to sleep on the coach permanently while Goddess Finley lived with us rent free. When Goddess Finley needed more closet and dresser space all of Lucy’s underwear and clothes were given to a less fortunate family. Lucy bought a new wardrobe featuring solely lycra, yoga pants, leotards, leggings, liquid leggings and school girl uniforms. Lucy was not allowed to wear bras or panties at all. Lucy had to massage, bathe and eat Goddess Finley’s pussy and ass twice daily. Lucy was introduced to dildos, vibes and buttplugs that constantly kept her filled. Lucy had to practice sucking cock on me and her dildos; so, that she could be rented out to Goddess Finley’s friends and eventually strangers so Goddess Finley would have more spending money. Finally, Lucy dropped out of school altogether so that she could work fulltime as a broken ex-domme slut.Lucy learned an important life lesson; namely, that Goddess Finley is perfect, no one is more domme than her.

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