Musings of a mindfucked pet

Finley was the most beautiful student at the local college. Her perfectly toned 34C-24-34 gymnast’s body was truly spectacular. Additionally, she was
naturally brilliant and an honor’s student both in Chemistry and Psychology. In fact, she was already working on her Master’s thesis after just three years at the school.
A long time professor in the Psychology Department, Professor Johnson was a misogynist. He didn’t like female students and in particular, he thought that beautiful female students who were doing well had to be getting ahead just on their looks. As a result, Finley’s experience in Professor Johnson’s class had been unpleasant to this point. He constantly interrupted her and attempted to mansplain to her when she spoke up in class. Furthermore, while her work was clearly superior to any others in the class, Professor Johnson continually found fault with it.
Finally, Finley had enough of Professor Johnson. She was heading to his office to have it out with him once and for all. If she was going to complete her degree, she needed to get through with the unpleasantness of his class. When she arrived for the meeting, the Professor was his usual condescending, chauvinistic self – telling Finley, she couldn’t just get by on her looks in his class. What he didn’t know was that Finley had been working on a mind control serum as part of her chemistry research and had been looking for someone to test it on. Instead of arguing with the Professor, she asked him if she could get him a cup of coffee. She knew he would not turn down the opportunity to have a woman get something for him. He smiled and accepted her offer. When she went to get the coffee, she poured some of the serum into his coffee and returned to his office.
Fast forward three months, the semester has ended and Finley is heading down to Professor Johnson’s office to confirm that she has received her well-deserved A in his class. He is delighted to see her as always now, when she closes the office door, he falls to his knees and begins kissing and licking her Hunter boots. When she pulls out her strap-on, he immediately begins sucking it. When he is all finished, he confirms her A. She gives him a picture of herself to add to the shrine of his Goddess that he has created in his new apartment. He’s all alone now after telling his wife of thirty years that only Goddess Finley gets him hard. Of course, he was happy to give her their house. He so loves to please women now. Goddess Finley has taught him that. As she sees his cock get hard under his pants as he looks at the new picture, she gave him. Goddess Finley heads out. She’s looking forward to Professor Johnson’s class next semester after all.

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