Musings of a mindfucked pet

Natalia woke up all alone in a bright white room. Her head was pounding and she felt something inside her mouth. Her hands and legs were restrained as she was sitting up in some kind of chair. When she finally regained clarity, she could see that she was dressed in latex from head to toe. The bright blue suit encased every part of her body except her face, and a small area between her ass and pussy. Everyone of her holes (mouth, ass and pussy) were filled by some sort of phallic object. A penis shaped gag filled her mouth, a long dildo attached to some kind of fucking machine filled her pussy and her ass was filled by a rather large buttplug. She tried to scream out but was able to do so.
Suddenly, Goddess Finley entered the room dressed in a skintight spandex outfit which highlighted the glory of HER 34C-24-34 perfect body. SHE was accompanied by HER slave girl Lexie who as usual was dressed in latex pants and a latex top. SHE looked at Natalia with a smirk and asked, “Do you remember us, slut?” Goddess Finley could see the look of confusion and then realization on the latex clad prisoner. Suddenly, the look on Natalia’s face was one of absolute fear.
Just 24 hours earlier, Goddess Finley and Lexie had headed to the local store to pick up a few items for the dinner that Lexie would be preparing for her Goddess later that evening. Meanwhile, Natalia had seen the same store as she drove through the neighborhood after making a wrong turn while going to visit a friend. She decided she would stop there and pick up a bottle of sparkling water. Natalia burst into the store talking loudly on her new iPhone and caught a glimpse of Lexie in her latex outfit.
“You should see this slut in here dressed from head to toe in latex. What an absolute whore,” Natalia blurted to her friend on the phone.
“You need to apologize to her, now!”, Goddess Finley said to Natalia while pointing toward a tearful Lexie.
“In your dreams, bitch! What is she your whore girlfriend or something?”, Natalia responded.
“That was a mistake,” Goddess Finley said to Natalia, who suddenly went limp after breathing in a mist that Goddess Finley sprayed in her face.
Now, it was a day later and Natalia had been given a special type of latex that fused to her skin and became one with her. She had been also injected with nanobots that over that 24 hour period had rewired her mind into the most severe latex and sex addiction imaginable. During that time her pussy had been continuously fucked with a latex dildo attached to a fucking machine. She would grow to need all of her holes filled with latex phallic objects or latex covered cocks for the rest of her days. Suddenly, all the walls in the room projected videos of men and women in latex – walking, teasing, domming and fucking.
“Welcome to your new life, slut! The fun will begin soon.”, Goddess Finley said as SHE and Lexie left the new latex slave alone to be immersed in a new world of latex addiction.

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