musings of a mindfucked pet

More musings of a mindfucked pet
He had been dating Finley for about three months. He fell madly in love with HER at the first site of HER perfect 34C-24-34 body. He was entranced by HER plush, pert tits, athletic arms and legs and hypnotic eyes. He had been trying to get HER to go out with him for over a year, they had been in classes together during the prior college year and at times had studied together but Finley had always kept him at a distance. SHE found him to be a bit too needy and serious and SHE was just looking to enjoy HER time in school. However, during summer session, they had hit it off, he had a car and would drive HER to the beach when SHE wanted and liked taking HER to dinner, plus most of HER friends were gone; so, SHE figured what the hell.
As the summer progressed, he became more and more addicted to HER. He loved being with HER and doing things for HER. He was obsessed. As for Finley, she was getting bored by all his doting and while SHE enjoyed the attention and presents SHE was looking to scale things back as the fall semester approached. SHE decided SHE was going to play the role of bratty, bossy, dominant Princess to him and see how it would effect him. To HER surprise, instead of HER new bratty behavior turning him off, it seemed to excite and
subjugate him even more. SHE decided to use this to HER advantage. SHE began sending him and showing him pictures of women wearing the outfits that she desired. When SHE showed him pictures of women with the items that SHE wanted the most, SHE kissed and teased him and ran HER hands over his hard denim covered cock. Within a short time, SHE had managed to implant subliminal triggers in his mind to see women wearing the outfits or with the items that SHE wanted. In fact, he would nearly orgasm at the thought of seeing HER with those items and outfits and probably would cum if he was the one getting them for HER. Additionally, without him realizing it, SHE was reprogramming him to enjoy the thought of HIM getting those items for HER so SHE could go out with other men while wearing those outfits. SHE was planted the seeds of cuckoldry without him realizing any of it.
After a few weeks of this subliminal training, he had increased the credit line on all his credit cards and had cashed out the money he had been saving from working two jobs during the summer and previous school year and he begged to take Finley shopping. SHE told him that they would be able to go Saturday afternoon but that he would have to make it quick because SHE was meeting up with someone that evening.
When Saturday arrived, he picked Finley up promptly at noon. They headed to the most expensive outlet shop center in town. They spent the next four hours going into every store imaginable, the more expensive the better – there were Burberry skirts and coats, Guess tops and pants, Lululemon workout wear and yoga pants, Dr. Marten’s and Hunter boots, and an amazing Coach bag. In each store, the routine was the same, Finley would enter find the things that SHE knew would turn him on most. SHE would try them on and ask his opinion – the rock hard bulge in his cock said all SHE needed to know. She would say in the most bratty tone that she just couldn’t choose between the few that he tried on – and that it was such a bother to have to have to choose just one. He would beg HER to let him buy HER all that SHE tried on. SHE would let him and he would pay for the items and leave carrying all the bags as they headed to the next store. By the end of the afternoon, SHE had enough items to fill up HER dorm closet. SHE picked on the sexiest combination of items and went into the rest room to change. When he saw HER, he nearly came in his jeans. Suddenly, a huge stud from the football team appeared and kissed Finley.
“I’m ready to go,” the stud said to Finley.
Finley looked and saw that HER now cucked “boyfriend” was harder than ever watching HER with a real man, “Here’s the key, take all this stuff and put it in my apartment and leave the key with my roommate,” Finley said in a brattish way.
He just nodded and headed out of the center.
“Who was that, babe?”, the stud said to Finley.
“Oh, him, he’s no one important, he just lives to please me. Speaking of pleasing me, let’s go have some fun,” Finley replied.

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