Musings of a mindfucked pet

It all started about two days after I moved into my summer house on the beach. I had specifically selected this location due to its isolation. There wasn’t another house on either side of me for about a mile. It was precisely noon that Thursday when I first noticed her. I would later find out that her name is Finley but on that day I was mesmerized by the beauty running through my patch of beach wearing a windbreaker over a lycra compression shirt coupled with a skin tight pair of lululemons and the sexiest pair of sneakers I had ever seen. She buzzed through my beach as if I wasn’t even there and frankly about thirty minutes after she had gone I was beginning to wonder if perhaps it had been just an illusion.
I went about my business for the rest of the next week wondering if I would see her again but as time passed I began to think it was a one time event. Suddenly, it was Thursday at noon again and there she was again. Those same lululemons and adorable sneakers but now her windbreaker was gone and she was wearing a low cut t-shirt which showed that her ample 34c breasts were being caressed by a lycra sports bra. I rushed out my door hoping to be able to interact with her but as just as soon as she had arrived, she had gone. I was left to daydreaming of this amazingly toned athletic goddess.
Another week went by and still no sign of this running goddess. As Thursday approached, I decided to take things into my own hands. I put a chair out on the beach and sat down in it at exactly 11:45AM. Right on time, my running goddess reappeared at noon. Her beautifully lustrous hair flowed softly in the wind. Her perfect ass bounced rhythmically in her lulus which each running step through sand. Today, I got an even better look at her immaculate 34c tits as they were encased in a glorious lycra sports bra which matched her lulus. I stood up and said, “Hello!”. She smiled and waved as she kept on running by without saying a word.
Now, I was totally obsessed. I couldn’t think of doing anything else but seeing her and talking with her. She was in my mind night and day. I could see every curve of her body when I closed my eyes and when I masturbated all that I could dream of was being near her perfection. I was frantic trying to think of how I could see her sooner. I couldn’t bear to wait another week. When I went out of the door toward the beach on Friday morning, there was a note. “Be out on the beach naked, kneeling and stroking your cock at exactly noon tomorrow and I will consider coming back, otherwise you will have to wait until next Thursday. Finley.”
Well, I did what I was told and I was naked, kneeling and masturbating on the beach from noon until 2PM but there was no sign of Finley. I heard the phone ring but wasn’t able to get to it in time. When I returned, I had the following message, “You did well, pet. You follow orders well. You need to keep following orders if you want to see your goddess again.” For each day over the next week, I did exactly what she told me – hours of masturbating on the beach first to my imagination of her and later to pictures she sent to me of her in her running outfit. Finally, on Wednesday, a courier came and dropped off a package, it was her running outfit. I was told to lick every inch of it, to crave it and dream of it on her perfect body. I then had to wash it, dry it and have it ready for the courier to pick up. I did as was told. I was also told to be out on the beach Thursday at noon – naked, kneeling and masturbating while repeating my mantra of “Finley is my one and only goddess”. I did as I was told.
Promptly at noon on Thursday, Goddess Finley ran onto my part of the beach. Those same lululemons that I had licked and cleaned were touching her perfect body. Those same sneakers were on her adorable feet. However, today she was topless and her 34c breasts were even more spectacular than I could have dreamed. My cock was a rock and ready to explode when she approached. “Cum for your Goddess Finley, pet. Cum and declare that you belong completely to me.” I said exactly what she commanded and came with the most mind-blowing orgasm of my life. I can’t wait for the rest of the summer now that Goddess Finley has moved into my, I mean her, summer vacation home.

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