Musings of a Mindfucked pet

Musings of a Mindfucked pet
I had only been working in the gym for about a month when I first saw her walk in. She was an amazing goddess in her early twenties. Her body was perfectly toned from head to toe. She was wearing a pair of yoga pants and a matching windbreaker, as she headed into the ladies locker room. I got back to my task of setting up the gymnastics equipment as part of an open session the gym was sponsoring.
About ten minutes later, the door to the women’s locker room opened and out she stepped in a shiny purple leotard that clung to her amazingly toned gymnast’s body. I was in awe of how amazing she looked and was speechless as she approached me. “Is everything ready to use? My name is Finley and I am here to workout.” I nodded speechless from the beauty that was in my presence.
Finley headed to the balance beam to begin. As for me, I was intoxicated from the view of how the shiny leotard clung to her amazing body. It showed just how tight her perfect abs were, it caressed her perfectly-sized 34c breasts showing every perfect curve of her wonderful mounds of mammalia. Finally, the leotard cupped her exquisite ass, outlining every perfect curve. I was awestruck. When she mounted the beam, she proceeded to do a split which presented her amazing ass right in the direction of my face. I could feel my rock hard erection growing as I stared in amazement at this incredible goddess that was blessing me with her presence.
After ten or so minutes on the beam, she proceeded to the other apparatuses to continue her work out. Next was vault and then uneven bars before her glorious workout culminated with a stirring rendition of tumbling on the floor exercise. When she finished her workout on floor. her body was purely glistening and her leotard was firmly entrenched between her perfectly bulbous ass cheeks highlighting the most magnificent wedgie in the history of leotard wedgies.
As she headed toward the locker room, with a humiliatingly large erection bulging out of my pants, I handed her a clean towel never feeling so beneath another human being in my life. She wiped the perspiration from her body and through it to me as she chuckled heading to the locker room. After she had disappeared, I held the towel to my face as if trying to breath in her perfection. About fifteen minutes later, she exited the dressing room, with me still holding her towel speechless. She was back in the outfit she came to the gym in and handed me her worn leotard. “Can you clean this for me by hand tonight and have it ready for me when I return tomorrow?” I nodded eagerly. “Good boy,” she chuckled as she left the gym. I took the towel and leotard and put in my work locker to bring home and clean knowing I would be masturbating to my new goddess’s beauty all evening long.

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