Musings of a Mindfucked pet

Musings of a Mindfucked pet
I was at dinner with my two domme friends Susan and Linda who had been trying to fill the void left in my life since I had failed and been dismissed by my amazing domme Goddess Finley. They had been trying to use some of the same fetishes, obsessions and desires that Goddess Finley had used with me but it just wasn’t working.
On this night, they had ordered me to take them out to dinner at an expensive restaurant after which we were to go shopping for leggings, fetishwear and other toys for them to use when playing with their god-like lovers. It was something that had always been fun for me in the past so I was interested but still was longing for my former Goddess.
Suddenly, across the room in the corner of my eye, I saw her enter the restaurant. She looked radiant and powerful as she was accompanied by her current lover, an Adonis of a man, who I could only imagine had a cock that would make a mere mortal man like myself cower in shame and kneel in awe. She was dressed in a beautiful silk blouse and designer pencil skirt which looked like it was painted on to her amazing 34c.24.34 body. Her lover was acting as if she were the only woman in the entire restaurant, the entire world for that matter, and I couldn’t have agreed with him more. She laughed as she saw me staring at her with my mouth agape and as I clearly wasn’t paying any attention to Eve and Reagan. Fortunately for me, they will to self-absorbed in their own conversation to notice either Goddess Finley or the fact that I couldn’t take my eyes off her.
I excused myself from the table saying I was headed to the Men’s Room but instead I walked by Goddess Finley’s table. She acted as if I didn’t exist while she talked with her lover. I did notice her pass him a note as he got up and started towards the Men’s Room with me. Without saying a word, he handed me the note. It said, “Come over to my table, climb under the table hidden, kneel at my feet for the entire meal and leave those fake dommes behind. You will take my shoes off and kiss my feet as I spend a nice relaxing dinner that you will pay for with my lover. If you are lucky, I may let you fluff him under the table, too. If you are really lucky I may allow you to accompany us home so we can cuckold you. In any event, you are mine again now. If you understand, get to my table immediately!”
I left the men’s room and immediately headed to Goddess Finley’s table. I went under the tablecloth without anyone seeing me, I knelt at my Goddess’s feet, took off her shoes and began kissing and licking hem while she and her lover ate. After about 30 minutes of this, I felt her hand grab my head and pull it toward her lover’s crotch. It was at that point that I first saw his amazing 8 1/2″ cock peeking out of his pants. “Suck him now, pet and show that you are mine.” Without hesitation, I took his hard manhood inside my mouth and knew that I was truly Goddess Finley’s pathetic cucked pet.

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