Musings Of a Mind Fucked pet

I arrived to the location that SHE had instructed and knocked on the door, a very athletic male wearing spandex shorts and a skin tight compression t-shirt answered the door. I was a bit surprised but thought it could be a friend or relative just making sure everything was OK when we met. I also brought a dozen roses to present to HER. The guy took both, HE set the fleshlight box on the table and kept the roses in HIS hand. Suddenly, Finley appeared in shiny liquid leggings and a leather bustier which highlighted the majesty of HER pert but ample 34C tits. SHE approached the guy and passionately kissed HIM on the lips and squeezed HIS athletic ass. HE handed HER the roses and SHE thanked HIM for them while chuckling at me. SHE went over to a vase and remove the flowers inside, SHE took the vase with dirty flower water and poured it over my head, soaking me. Before I could protest, SHE told me to strip to the spandex compression shorts SHE request I wear under my outfit and introduced me to HER lover. SHE pulled HIS 9″ cock out from its lycra prison and pointed it right at me. I never felt so inferior in my life. SHE gave HIM the fleshlight box and told HIM to lube HIS cock to prepare to use it as SHE went to fill the vase of roses with more water.
When SHE returned, SHE ordered HIM to start fucking the fleshlight as SHE filmed it on HER smartphone. HIS huge cock slid in and out repeatedly as SHE grabbed HIS ass and kissed HIM. THEY both laughed as SHE noticed the growing much smaller bulge in my shorts. As SHE stuck HER latex glove clad finger in HIS eager ass, HE exploded streams of cum in the fleshlight. When HE was done, HE handed it to HER. SHE reached out with HER other hand and pulled my average, but rock hard 6.5″ cock out of my shorts.
“That thing isn’t worthy to be in the same hole as my lover’s cock so your tongue will have to do,” SHE said commandingly.
Before I knew what I was doing I was eagerly licking HER lover’s cum from the fleshlight I had purchased. SHE was laughing with HER lover as SHE filmed the whole thing. When the fleshlight was clean, and my stomach was full of HER lover’s cum, SHE ordered me to start masturbating.
“Cum, my pet, with YOUR belly filled with my lover’s seed and knowing YOU belong to me now and forever.”
I did as told and exploded with the greatest orgasm of my life while shouting, “I worship and belong to YOU, Goddess Finley!”
“Yes, YOU do my pet, now get ready for another helping my other lovers will be out to use the fleshlight shortly.”
I was broken and the property of Goddess Finley forever.

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