More Musings of a Mind Fucked pet

More Musings of a Mind Fucked pet
It had been three months since I had bought a gym as a present for my Goddess Finley and started my part time job as janitor at HER gym. Today, just as I did every workday, I arrived at the gym at 4AM to begin doing the laundry, sweeping and mopping the gym and locker room floors, and mopping, sweeping and dusting HER office. After completing all the other tasks, I headed to Goddess Finley’s office. It was 5:30AM now and to my surprise, the office door was opened. When I entered, I saw my perfect Goddess stretching on a yoga mat while wearing a skintight latex catsuit that covered her 34C-24-34 body from head to toe – even HER fingers and toes were covered in beautiful shiny black latex.
I marveled at how every single curve of HER perfect athletic gymnast’s body was caressed by the latex. As SHE stretched, the outline of HER heart-shaped, exquisite ass was highlighted. Never in my life had I seen a more perfect butt. As SHE writhed forward and backwards, I was hypnotized by the rhythmic pulsing of HER latex covered ass cheeks. When SHE sat up and stretched HER toned legs, I could see the muscularity of HER delicious thighs and perfect calves. When SHE arched back to stretch HER shoulders and athletic arms, I marveled at HER combination of beauty, grace and power. I was awakened from my momentary trance by the site of HER majestic mounds of mammalia, 34C plush tits, that nearly burst from their latex containment.
As I quietly cleaned HER office, my rock hard cocklet showed how honored I was to be in HER latex clad divine presence. Without saying a word, SHE sprawled face down on HER yoga mat with thighs arched and latex coved butt cheeks presented and being squeezed by HER latex clad fingers to form a valley of latex in HER ass crack area. Without saying a word, SHE pointed to the valley and I fell to my knees and began licking every inch of that latex clad gap. Moving back and forth between HER cheeks with my eager submissive tongue. After fifteen minutes of licking, SHE ordered me to kiss both HER ass cheeks until my cocklet came in my jeans. SHE laughed as SHE got up and headed to the shower to change for the work day but not before telling me I wasn’t allowed to clean up or change until I got to the men’s room of the office building I work at the rest of the day.
Oh how I love my Goddess Finley

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