Musings of a Mindfucked pet

More Musings of a Mindfucked pet
As I boarded the plane home after another extremely long and stress filled week of work, I noticed the most beautiful woman I had ever seen seated in First Class. She was dressed in a white silk blouse, blue sports jacket and matching pencil skirt. Her shoes looked like the cost more than my entire outfit that day. I tried to hide my lust as I attempted to undress her heavenly 34C-24-34 form with my eyes. She looked me over briefly and chuckled and I looked down to see my raging hard on which I quickly hid beneath my laptop bag.
I headed back deep into Coach. I had booked late and had no status on this airline so I was in the last row in a middle seat between two passengers whose girth exceeded the breadth of their seats. Disgustedly, I sat down fantasizing of the goddess I had just seen. About five minutes later, the flight attendant came up to me and said, “Come with me and bring your bags”. I picked up my bag and to my disbelief was led to the empty seat next to my dream woman. “Enjoy your flight, Sir”, the attendant said as she winked to the goddess beside me.
My hard on returned as I sat down beside my goddess. She introduced herself as Finley. I was lost in her hypnotic eyes and admiring her plush 34C breasts, ample cleavage and gorgeously lustrous hair before I even realized I hadn’t replied. “You are lost like a puppy dog, pet. I will just call you my pet,” she added. She took her shoes off and put her exquisite feet in my lap, teasing my hard on through my trousers before mentioning how sore her feet were. Without thought or hesitation, I started massaging her feet right there and then and did so for the first 30 minutes of the flight.
When I finished with her foot massage, she excused herself to the bathroom. When she returned, she handed me the lycra boyshorts she had been wearing, as well as the air sickness bag. She informed me that her boyshorts had been wet and she had switched into a new pair. She told me I was to go to the bathroom, switch out of my boxers, discard them in the trash and put her wet, worn stretch lycra boyshorts on. She told me to use the soap in the bathroom as lube and to cum thinking of her perfection into the air sickness bag. When I came I was to say her name – Finley, Goddess Finley and by doing so I would be hers. I did as was told and came in huge quantity. I left the rest room, gave her the cum filled bag and said, “I belong to YOU, Goddess Finley.”
I can’t wait to see what happens next on the rest of this flight with my new glorious goddess.

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