Musings of a Mindfucked pet

Musings of a Mindfucked pet
I had been working at the restaurant for a few weeks to make some extra money for the holiday season when she walked in. Her auburn brown hair was lustrous and heavenly. Her body looked like that of an Olympic athlete, a gymnast I guess with a perfect mixture of incredible athletic tone and the womanly sensuality of a 34C-24-34 figure.
She was seated alone in the back of the restaurant in a dimly lit booth but
her beauty and power still radiated. She was wearing a pair of leather
knee-high boots, a short black leather skirt and a white silk button down
top. I approached her to take her drink order. Without hesitation she
ordered a bottle of the most expensive wine that we had. Off I went to
fetch the wine as she perused the menu.
A couple of minutes passed before, I returned to her table. She told me her name was Finley but that I could refer to HER as Mistress or Goddess. Before I could tell her my name, SHE added that she would be referring to me simply as pet. I responded by saying, “Yes, Goddess.”, as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do. I asked her if she wanted an appetizer. She replied, “Why thank you, yes, I would enjoy you eating my pussy to start.” Without hesitation, I immediately got under She lifted her skirt up as I saw her perfectly shaven pink lips and muscular inner thighs. I put my entire head under the skirt and began licking as if my life depended on it. Her pussy juices were intoxicating unlike anything I’d ever tasted. My mind became more and more cloudy as I licked, it was amazing. She rode my tongue over and over as my face was covered with her glorious juices. When she came, she moved my head out from under her skirt, pulled me up and said, For the entrée, I will have the lobster with a garden salad and baked potatoes.”
I felt like I was in a trance for the rest of the main course, I brought all of her food as if on autopilot. Fortunately, she was my only table at the time. When she was finished with her entrée, I asked her if she wanted dessert. She replied, “I will have a bowl of chocolate ice cream.” I brought her the ice cream and as I started to walk away, she called me back. “Pet, you forgot the topping.”
I responded, “I am sorry would you like whipped cream and a sauce, I can go get it.”
“No, I want you to season it with your cum, pet. Do it right here, right now. Cum for your Goddess. When you cum, you will belong to me. You will comp my bill and walk into your boss’s office with your cock out and tender your resignation. You will cum back to me, strip out of your uniform put this collar on and join me as my personal slave.”
“Yes, Goddess Finley”, I responded, while cumming all over the ice cream. She then fed me my own cum sundae as I was standing at the server station comping her order with my rock hard cock out. I walked into the manager’s office with my cock still out, quit, removed my entire uniform there in his office, as my Goddess Finley took my wallet and phone, put a collar and leash around my neck and led me out of the restaurant to her car to drive me to my new life as her servant, server and slave.

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