My Siren Call

I stood in the mirror and dropped the innocent mask.
turning this way and that.
Delighting in the way this Black lace tight dress hugged every inch of my
beautiful body.
I took note of the way the heels made my ass ever more abundant.
I saw the way they made my legs look never ending and smiled.
I took in my face then, the face of a true trained tempest.
My eyes were more green than blue tonight, Almost neon, From the
combination on a burgundy smokey eyes, and ox blood red lipstick.
Oh yes, tonight when I walked into the bar, No one would be able to keep
from gawking at me.
Tonight I made myself into a siren, my look only the beginning of my call.
The men would flock and delight,
and wonder what might entice me home with them tonight.

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