It had been a long week. Too long if I was being honest. My back ached and I had this nawing head ache. I knew i needed sleep yes, But i needed something else much much more. I needed release, I needed to nourish the goddess that lived in this skin. I pranced around my room lighting candles, soft music in the background. On my bed laid every Toy I owned. I would make this body of mine twitch in pleasure until every ounce of tension left. I started small, working my clit over with my little we vibe bullet. a gentle tease, that made me ache. Next I moved on to my clit sucker, and thirty seconds after it wrapped around my clit, I came. But I wasn’t done, no. I could still feel the tension in my shoulders. The tightness in my hips. I grabbed my g spot simulator and worked my self over, loosing my self in the vibrations. It wasn’t enough though. My hand grabbed for my hatatchi and I turned it up to the highest vibration before firmly placing it on my clit. Fucking myself and using this would be my undoing, I could feel my orgasm build. I stated to slam the gspot vibrator In and out, my other hand using the wand in tight hard circles. The I exploded. Every drop of tension leaking from my body, as I squirted all over my sheets.

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