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ROLEPLAYS – I Love “All kinds,” including age play, mommy/daddy, brother/sister, being slut, Domme Pain, pain and more Pain and Sensual Domme, Guided Masturbation, nurse/patient, CBT, Sissies, making you my BITCH and so much more.
I can be your mommy- change your diaper, nurse you, rock you, sing to you, Mother you..
Your sisters Hot friend, maybe you want the girl next door and you want to sneak in my bedroom window and HAVE me!
I’ll fight and beg you not to hurt me!
OR You want to be my Daddy- YOU! –


*For those that have talked with me you know I am a certified sex addict: And know how I got put into the sex industry. (Hello to all my wonderful daddies) they are all so go to me and fuck me soooooo soooo good. If you want to get your dick off to a great “daddy broke me in story” I’m your gal! I have regular daddies that can’t get enough of my stories.. I am good at the role paly because I know how it really feels to have daddy open up my bare, puffy pussy! Feeling his fingers rubbing my little clit while I giggle and squirm on his lap.. only to lick dripping pre-cum and promise me more of my sweet treat if I do a good job, stroking daddy!
Hear how daddy pimped me out at such a young age and how I loved it!-

Call Hollie for more details

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