Hi All of you little pathetic little sissy boys- I’m Hollie YD’S ONLY Humiliatrix!

What’s “HUMILIATRIX” you ask?

It is HOLLIE a Mistress that you will never stand a chance of having- Your Mistress that knows what makes you tick- The ONE that finally understands what gets you horny and gets you off!

Its the one person that knows and understands that you can not get that pathetic little penis of yours off unless someone is treating you like the piece of shit you are. You crave those words that tell you the truth, it makes your clit sized penis hard and makes you want to get off like you have never experienced before!

I Mistress Hollie knows NOTHING will satisfy that urge deep-deep inside you that craves to be degraded –

Once you allow yourself to give up control, you will experience the deepest sexual pleasure you have ever had.

So call Mistress Hollie and beg me for a session to treat you like you know you were meant to be treated……405-366-2187

So Call Hollie @ 405-366-2187 and FINALLY experience that humiliation you deserve- unleash that inner pleasure you have been craving your whole pathetic life..

So if Sensual Humiliation is not getting you to the pleasure you want CUM to me for HARDCORE HUMILIATION from Hollie YourDesires Only Humiliatrix! 405-366-2187

Often Imitated – BUT NEVER Duplicated
Hollie for Youresires!
Check out my Schedule send me an email to see if I have time for your pathetic ass.

You need a Humiliatrix to put you in your place. You need to be shamed, humiliated, embarrassed, and humbled beyond repair. You might go into a Humiliatrix Session thinking that you are at least a little bit of a real man. That’s so funny that you would believe YOU are a real man.

If your under 5in and under your not what I refer to is “NOT CUM WORTHY!”
After a call/session with Hollie you will FINALLY understand what the truth really is: you are really are a, undeniably pathetic clit-pulling perverted loser who exists for NOTHING more than my sadistic Amusement and Pleasure

Don’t you want to find out just how much erotic humiliation you can take? THEN WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU STILL READING THIS?
Hollie 405-366-2187
Humiliatrix – Femdom Erotic Humiliation

*diary of a phone sex addict entry

* Hollie
“When I’m Good I’m Very Very Good-
And When I’m BAD I’m even BETTER!!”

Call me {405}-366-2187
That number rings directly into my room
for my little subbies…
My Dungeon of your pain & my pleasure

I’m waiting for you… Sundays- 10pm-8am PST
Mondays- 10pm-12pm PST Thursdays-10pm-10pm PST
Tuesdays- 10pm-12pm PST Friday – 10pm-8am PST
Wednesdays-10pm-12pm PST Saturdays-10pm-8am PST
CUM chatting with me-
Find me @
GetHot4Hollie on Trillian-
Follow me @
If you think you can handle it
*Check out my thoughts and fantasies*-

Roleplay, fantasies, chat request may be sent by email Hollie@yourdesires.com
Check me out @ www.yourdesires.com/Hollie
Hope to talk to you soon!
Hollie 4 ALL of YourDesires

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